The Best New Products for Enhancing Your Fertility 

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Relationship expert Dr. Laura Berman reveals top new fertility aids for hopeful couples

1 out of every 10 couples in the United States will struggle with infertility. Although this journey can be devastating, the good news is that recent medical advancements are helping more couples to achieve their parenthood dreams.

Sexual health expert, television host and “Dr. Oz” regular, Dr. Laura Berman says, “Over the decades, I have helped many couples who have struggled with sexual side effects due to their infertility struggle. I know that the journey to becoming pregnant can take a toll on a couple’s emotional and physical connection, and that is why I am always keeping my eye out for groundbreaking products that can help to safeguard and support a couple’s fertility and sexual enjoyment at the same time.”

Here, Dr. Berman unveils the best new products that can help to enhance fertility: 

ToConceive Lubricant Gel: ToConceive was created by ob-gyns in conjunction with Callitas Health Inc. “The fertility enhancing gel is unlike any other fertility product on the market in that it may help encourage the woman’s body to create more of her own lubrication, which in turn may increase the activation of sperm and the woman’s chances of pregnancy,” says Dr. Berman.

Snowballs: “Snowballs are a specifically designed underwear which can help to keep a man’s scrotal temperature at the optimal temperature for fertility. It might sound silly, but even one Celsius degree of difference can impact a man’s sperm function and quality!”

Trak Fertility App: “This app assesses your health and lifestyle risks and generates personalized recommendations to improve your sperm count and fertility. It also records changes in sperm count or semen analysis test results over time and has a vast content library covering everything you need to know about male reproductive health,” says Dr. Berman.

Ava Fertility Tracker: “Tracking your fertility and finding out the days when you ovulate can be very complicated, but with the Ava Fertility Tracker, it’s as simple as putting on a bracelet. Just wear Ava at night, sync in the morning, and you’ll see more of your fertile days than you would with the temperature method. On top of that, Ava lets you know how well you’re sleeping and how stressed you are, so you can make sure you’re in good shape to make a baby!”

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