Must Have Pregnancy Products for 2019

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Just like computers and iPhones, baby and pregnancy products seem to change with the seasons. What was a must-have last season is now a don’t-even-both-registering-for-it.
Here are some of our must-have products for 2019…what are some of yours? Leave us a comment below!
1). Maternity body pillow — when you’re pregnant, sleep is allusive at best, non-existent at its worst. We suggest a maternity body pillow that shapes to your new shape. This Snoogle from Leachco fits your pregnancy shape and the cover is machine washable.
2). Pregnancy Journal  — Whether it’s your first baby or your third, a pregnancy journal is a fun way to document the nine months. It’s a great place to write down questions for your doctor, because let’s face it, pregnancy brain is real. This one has been a best-seller on Amazon for many years and was just updated in 2016.
3). Preggie Pops — morning sickness is no joke and these anti-nausea lozenges and suckers can take the edge off no matter when nausea strikes. We love the ones from Three Lollies because they’re all-natural and made with essential oils. Plus, they taste pretty good too!

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