How is ToConceive different from a drugstore lubricant or PreSeed?

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ToConceive isn’t an intravaginal lubricant; it’s a natural serum that, when applied to the vulva and clitoris daily, helps your vaginal walls produce the lubrication necessary to help sperm fertilize your eggs. Your body already produces some of this, but in 75% of unexplained cases of infertility, the body simply doesn’t create enough of it.

Unlike supplemental lubricants, ToConceive helps your body create more of its own natural lubrication which, in turn, creates the optimal environment for natural conception. Here’s why: Vaginal lubrication contains a protein called albumin, which is essential for sperm motility. Without albumin, fertilization can’t happen.

Many OTC intravaginal lubricants (with the exception of PreSeed and a few others) actually kill sperm—the exact opposite of what you want when you’re trying to conceive!

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