How is ToConceive used, and how is this different from intravaginal lubricants?

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ToConceive is designed to be used daily for a minimum of three months, just like a supplement or moisturizer. Massage it into the vulva and clitoris daily after a shower or bath; you can also use it externally prior to (or during) intercourse. Daily use allows l-arginine to build up in the blood vessels of the vagina, so when the critical ovulation window arrives, your body will be ready to produce abundant natural lubrication. Your natural lubrication includes a protein called albumin, which is essential for sperm motility—and therefore, fertilization.

Intravaginal lubricants don’t contain albumin, nor do they help your body produce more of it. In fact, many drugstore lubricants contain spermicide, and/or aren’t pH balanced for the vaginal environment. Either way, many of them kill sperm, intentionally or unintentionally.

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