How does ToConceive help with Unexplained Infertility?

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For 75% of couples who have unexplained fertility (the woman’s eggs and the man’s sperm are both healthy, and the woman ovulates regularly), the biggest issue is insufficient vaginal lubrication. Sperm need a very specific environment to make their journey to an egg, and ToConceive helps your body create that environment naturally.

The pH of vaginal fluid is typically slightly acidic, especially in women who have intercourse frequently. That acidity usually kills sperm. However, around the time of ovulation, it becomes slightly more alkaline. This allows sperm to survive long enough for the albumin (protein) in vaginal lubrication to dissolve the cholesterol layer that coats sperm; that, in turn, increases sperm motility. This is the (literally) Nobel Prize-winning secret to conception—known as sperm capacitation.

Unfortunately, many women don’t produce enough natural lubrication—which means there’s not enough albumin for the process to take place and as a result the egg is not fertilized.

ToConceive helps your body to produce enough lubrication, and at the proper pH, to support fertilization.

ToConceive also compensates for undiagnosed Male Subfertility, another common cause of unexplained infertility, by helping to create an environment where the existing sperm (even if a man’s count is low) have an optimal opportunity to reach their destination and help you conceive naturally.

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