Must Have Pregnancy Products for 2019

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Just like computers and iPhones, baby and pregnancy products seem to change with the seasons. What was a must-have last season is now a don’t-even-both-registering-for-it.   Here are some of our must-have products for 2019…what are some of yours? Leave us a comment below! 1). Maternity body pillow — when you’re pregnant, sleep is allusive at best, non-existent at its …

Most Popular Birthday Dates

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If you’re born in September, you probably have a ton of birthday buddies and friends who share your special day. That’s because September is the most popular month to be born, with Sept. 9 the most popular day. After doing the math, it’s not hard to see why that month is the most popular. Nine months prior is Christmas and …

Christmas Deal from ToConceive

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Dealing with families during the holidays can be stressful, especially if you’re TTC. To help couples focus on the fun of conceiving this holiday season, ToConceive will be offering 20% off any order until the end of the year (Dec. 31, 2018) using promo code HOLIDAYS20.

Surviving the Holidays with Infertility

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Relationship therapist Dr. Laura Berman explains how to deal with well-meaning but painful questions from relatives  Over 6 million women struggle with infertility, and First Lady Michelle Obama is just one of many who bravely face this painful journey. However, the holidays can be a particularly painful time for couples who struggle from infertility. Dr. Laura Berman, relationship therapist, television …

Bedtimes Aren’t Just for Kids: New Study Says Sleep Schedules Impact Fertility

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Sex educator explains new study which links sleeping patterns to a woman’s ability to become pregnant Over 6 million women in America struggle to achieve and maintain a healthy pregnancy. Now, a new study has found that our poor sleep might be to blame when it comes to fertility battles. “Researchers found that women who go to bed at the …

How First Lady Michelle Obama is Changing the Conversation about Infertility

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Couples’ therapist Dr. Laura Berman discusses Obama’s recent revelations regarding IVF and miscarriages First Lady Michelle Obama just made the shocking revelation that she and President Barack Obama used IVF to become pregnant with Sasha and Malia, and that she suffered a tragic pregnancy loss on her journey to becoming a mom. “Not only is this the first time in …

The Devastating Connection Between Lead Pollution and Fertility

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Sexual health expert Dr. Laura Berman discusses new findings that show the insidious impact of lead on reproductive health Lead pollution in Flint, Michigan has caused fetal deaths to increase by as much as 50%. Now, new research from Carnegie Mellon University has found that airborne lead exposure has lowered the general fertility rate in recent years. “For years, the link between …

The Best New Products for Enhancing Your Fertility 

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Relationship expert Dr. Laura Berman reveals top new fertility aids for hopeful couples 1 out of every 10 couples in the United States will struggle with infertility. Although this journey can be devastating, the good news is that recent medical advancements are helping more couples to achieve their parenthood dreams. Sexual health expert, television host and “Dr. Oz” regular, Dr. …