In 75% of cases of unexplained infertility among healthy couples, insufficient natural vaginal lubrication was found to be the primary issue.

Without the proper amount of natural lubrication, sperm can’t penetrate and fertilize an egg – an essential scientific process called “sperm capacitation”.

It takes time to prepare your body for conception. ToConceive may become more effective over time, through daily use. The OB/GYN who developed ToConceive recommends using it for at least 90 consecutive days.

Commercial vaginal lubricants are shown to negatively affect sperm motility. ToConceive is fertility-friendly, working to increase natural lubrication.

The Science Behind ToConceive

In 2010, Dr. Robert Edwards won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his research on IVF. Among his key discoveries is “sperm capacitation,” a process necessary for fertilization. “Sperm Capacitation” is required for fertilization.

During this process, a protein called Albumin dissolves sperms’ outer layer of cholesterol. Shedding this layer is what enables sperm to travel through the cervix and down the fallopian tube to fertilize an egg. Natural vaginal lubrication contains the albumin needed for sperm capacitation.

In IVF and IUI, this process is replicated in a centrifuge using bovine serum albumin. But it also happens naturally, in your body. Unfortunately, many women don’t produce enough natural lubrication to capacitate the sperm. That’s where ToConceive can help. ToConceive may help stimulate blood flow to the vagina, helping to increase natural lubrication.

ToConceive is an innovative multi-patented product that assists your body in creating the right environment that may improve your odds of natural conception. Use ToConceive daily.

Your monthly supply includes 40 sachets for daily use and additional applications for moments of intimacy.

For best results use daily, or until you become pregnant.
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